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Oceanside is a fresh alternative to the low-key colors of yesterday. By using the natural hues of the ocean, Sherwin Williams has created an adventurous, yet calming interior paint that delivers a green-blue mystical feel that breathes wonder and optimism.

Why 2018 is Ready for Versatility

There is a reason why Sherwin Williams SW 6496 was chosen as the color of the year. Versatility has become a way of life in many homes. It is appreciated in a world of constant change and wanderlust. One minute you thrive for the thrill of discovery and change. The next day a nostalgic feeling may overwhelm you, when you yearn for the old-fashioned slow pace that brings comfort and contentment. The dark blue-green shade of Oceanside mixes well with exciting copper metallic tones or warm honey and coral shades.

Where to Use the 2018 Color of the Year

Any living space that needs an interesting turn in dimension can benefit from the combined deep blue and jewel-toned green shade of this color of the year. Vivacious enough to stand alone on a front door or outlining a book case, Oceanside is also tranquil enough to highlight an entire wall.

Color of the Year 2018

Photo courtesy of Vintage Revivals.

A home office that has one or two walls painted in this bold entertaining color will get those creative juices flowing. It is a known fact that blue is associated with positive moods and intelligence. By using this deep mysterious form of blues and greens, you may find yourself inspired to reach those goals with gusto. On the other hand, tone back the lights and prepare for a time of meditation. The blend of natural colors will take you to new heights in your search for serenity and soothing your soul.

Bedrooms will resonate a peaceful and natural aura under the seaside waves of this cool color. Feel the calming embrace of the ocean as your mind settles in for a deep sleep. Use your new wall tones as a backdrop for favorite photos or nature paintings to further the suggestion of great memories and tranquility.

Commercial Spaces that Cultivate Change

Whether a hotel lobby or a large office room, the savvy flavor of dark bluish-green is a favorite for sparking ingenuity, creativity and making a pleasant change from boring neutrals. Use camel tints to compliment this new and refreshing hue. You will feel the positive change in clients and employees as the environment refreshes their moods.

A Company that Embraces Challenges

Sherwin Williams has been an industry leader for over 150 years. Their promotional Colormix Forecast comes from traveling the globe for the latest influences in key trends for each upcoming yearly color presentations. Going into their 8th year as a professional on new color and design updates, 2018 will be another game changer in style. This company is influential in providing the most up-to-date movements in colors and trends for both professionals and DIYers. A list of past colors selected includes: 2011: Indigo Batik SW 7602, 2012: Argyle SW 6747, 2013: Aloe SW 6464, 2014: Exclusive Plum SW 6263, 2015: Coral Reef SW 6606, 2016: Alabaster SW 7008, 2017: Poised Taupe SW 6039.

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