Paint Projects

08Mar 2017
Stencil Family Tree

When you say, “in-home murals,” it’s not unusual for images of painted countrysides, city scenes, and barns in the snow to come to mind. While these are all worthy mural subjects, it’s okay to experiment a bit when it comes to the stencils you choose for your home murals. If you have a room that […]

28Jun 2016

When you have hired a painter for the exterior of your home, it may be a few days or weeks until he or she arrives, depending on when you have scheduled the job. In the meantime, however, there are things you can do to ensure that the final paint job will look seamless and attractive, […]

31Jul 2015

The high temperatures of summer can really affect the fresh paint on the external walls of your home. Here are some tips to abstain from ruining your finish. Avoid painting in direct sun. Painting surfaces that are hot or in weather upwards of 95° can be detrimental to adherence. Temperature for application is not based […]