Painting Tips

04Jun 2014

When your home needs a new paint job done on it, different surfaces require different kinds of paints in order to have the finish looking just right. One of the surfaces that may need to be painted or repainted is your front door. Front doors are a little different than your interior doors since they […]

18Jan 2014

Painting a house is a large project, that you want done properly. In order to assure you’ve selected the right painter for the job, you’ll want to ask the right questions when making your choice. In order to ask the right questions, you’ll have to be somewhat knowledgeable about the painting business itself. In this […]

15Mar 2013

It is amazing how many tools are available today to make your paint color selection easy. Here are some of our favorites. True Value Has a series of Idea Cards on their website that will give you incredible ideas for style and mood when painting any room in your home. Colorjive Let’s you upload a […]

14Oct 2012

Paint Color & Moods Paint colors are an important part of designing your home, and in many cases, may even determine the type of décor you choose for your room. However, what many people don’t realize is that paint colors affect our mood and overall feeling a room has on anyone that spends time in […]