Tips for the Home

23May 2017
Clean Newly Painted Walls

The thought that you need to clean your walls might not come to you often, but doing so makes a huge difference and contributes to your entire house looking better. It will also be a money-saving venture down the road as this will prolong the life of your paint job. Regardless of how recent, or not, […]

13Apr 2017
Paint new home

Moving into a new home can be both stressful and exciting.  You can’t wait to get into your new home and settle in, but there is a lot of stress that comes with along with moving in.  Often times, a new homeowner may not like the colors or preferences of the previous homeowner.  Maybe the […]

09Feb 2017

Wallpaper is an excellent way to upgrade a room with minimal cost, but it can also be a challenge to remove if you don’t like the look anymore, or have moved into a home with someone else’s idea of style. You can, in some cases, put new wallpaper over old wallpaper, but be careful, if […]