Decorative Paint IdeasPaint seems like such a simple thing, just a bucket full of liquid color, something you’ve used since childhood to make pictures for a loved one or make a mess for your teacher or mom to clean up. But in the right hands a can of paint and a few paint ideas can transform a space, generate emotions, define a purpose and so much more. The next time you are ready for a change consider some of these exciting decorative paint ideas.

1) Be Bold with an Accent Wall

Let’s start with the simplest decorative paint style – the accent wall. Painting an accent wall is a popular way to add color to a room because it is easy, timeless and looks great. Choose a lighter color for three of the walls in the room, then a bolder color that pops for one of the walls. You might choose a light blue, gray or beige for the three walls, then a deep cobalt or bright teal for the accent walls; this could look great in a bedroom or home office. Perhaps a light, dusty rose on three walls of your bedroom or kids room, with a bright, deep red or violet on an accent wall.

When choosing which wall to accent you have a few choices. You can choose a wall that you want to serve as a focal point, like the wall that the bed sits on, or a wall with a beautiful fireplace. Or, you can choose a wall that is already architecturally interesting that you want to be sure the eye travels to. In a room with windows on only one wall, that window wall can be a good choice. You do not want your painted accent wall to compete with an architectural accent wall, so be sure to combine them.

2) Be Bolder with Multiple Colors

Even bolder than the simple accent wall is to use multiple bright or deep colors in your space. Don’t be afraid to paint your home’s entryway a bright, welcoming yellow. Then, transition to a spring green or relaxing sky blue as you reach the living room. You might transition to a clean, bright white in the kitchen, only to give each bedroom their own color to match the personality of the person who sleeps there.

Just ensure that each adjacent color matches well and you can have a veritable rainbow flowing through your house. All of that color will make you feel bright, happy, and alive.

3) Divide up a Space

Paint offers you an easy and fast way to divide up space. Perhaps you have a large, long room that is a living room at one end and a dining room at the other end. You might decide to paint the large wall that runs along both rooms one color, say a nice dusty carrot. Then, decide which room you want to seem bigger, probably the living room. Paint the other two living room walls in the same carrot. But paint the other two dining room walls in a nice sage green. This type of paint choice servers to connect the spaces while defining their purpose at the same time.

4) Hit a Brick Wall

Nothing evokes feeling and warmth like the texture of a brick wall. Consider doing an office, library or even exercise room with an accent faux brick wall. First, paint a nice basecoat of light gray or light beige, to serve as faux mortar. Let that dry thoroughly (at least 24 hours, more if it’s humid). Then, use painters tape and a level to tape off “bricks”, first taping even rows, then adding in the vertical spaces between the “bricks”.

Once you have the outline of a brick wall grab a thick napped roller and a paint tray. Pour a considerable amount of your base brick color, say a deep brick red. Then, add some depth by sprinkling just a little of an accent color on top of the paint in the tray, perhaps a lighter red, a beige or a gray. Dip the roller in and paint the bricks, painting each one individually. Take a plastic grocery bag and dab at the painted brick to blend the colors into something that looks authentic.

Let this dry about 15 minutes, then peel off the tape while it is still wet. Don’t let the paint dry too long or it might peel up with the tape.

Use Your Imagination

You don’t have to be an artist to make good use of decorative painting. A little elbow grease and a few paint ideas can go a long way to making your house warm, cheerful, inviting, exciting or whatever you want it to be.

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