When to Paint Your HouseThere are several ways to know when to paint your house.


The first way is when the paint on the house is starting to bubble, flake, or crack. Most of the time, this is going to be a sign that the house was not weatherproof correctly so there is some wet rot, dry rot, or mold. There are a few other things that could cause this damage to your home. Some of these things might include harsh winters, storms, strong sunlight, blowing sand, ocean breezes, or extreme humidity in the summer months.


The second way is when you see caulk that has hardened. Most of the time, the caulk is going to expand along with your house. But if the home is exposed to a lot of different weather elements like freezing nights and sunny days, then the caulk is eventually going to lose its elasticity. All you have to do to check the caulk is to see if the beads are resistant and hard when you press down on them. This is probably going to mean that you are need to get an expert to look for damage and re-caulk it.


The third way is when it is starting to fade. Most of the time, this is going to be a victim of bleaching from the sun. It means that if your home was a darker hue and it is starting to fade to a paler shade over time. But if you see that there is some fading on the shady part of the house, this could be a sign of a water intrusion. This is going to be especially true if there are mysterious stains that are dripping down the house. This means that you have a water leak.

Curb Appeal

The fourth way is when you are trying to boost the curb appeal of your home. If it looks faded or the trim no longer stands out on the house, then that means that your house is not going to stick out among all of the other houses in the neighborhood. Most of the time, just a fresh coat of paint is going to make a big difference in the home especially if you are trying to sell it. Plus it is going to increase the overall value of the house just by making the home look fresh.


The fifth way is when you see a lot of peels and chips from the street. If you do this as soon as you see it happening, then the damage to your home is not going to be as bad. This means that you are going to only need to do a little bit of work instead of a lot of work when you let the problem go on for years. Some of the little work will require you to scrap off the flakes, replace the wood, and caulk the seals so the costs will be a lot less now than later when the problem gets worse.

These are the top five ways that you are going to know when to paint your house.

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