If you are looking to paint certain rooms in your house, then the hardest part is deciding proper paint. Although there are a wide variety of options available, certain colors may be more suitable to certain parts of the house. Before you begin the process, make sure to investigate all of your options thoroughly to find paint colors that compliment the decor in your home.

Use Artwork to Help You Decide Appropriate Paint Colors

If you are looking to paint a room, then your artwork may help you decide the appropriate paint. If your artwork contains warm colors, then you may want to paint the room a nice red or yellow color to compliment the piece. If you have artwork in a room that has more soft colors, then you may want to navigate toward pastels or beiges.

Decide the Mood of the Room

What mood would you like to exhibit in each particular room? For example, you may want your bedroom to exude a more restful, calm mood and therefore you should navigate toward a more neutral palette such as pastels. Or possibly, you may want a room to feel more social, decadent, or formal. In this case, you may want to choose deeper blues, reds, or greens. If you are looking to paint a child’s room, intense, bright colors may highlight a child’s unique personality and may foster creativity.

Choose Colors that Compliment the Lighting

Suppose you are choosing to paint a room with a great deal of natural light, such as a breakfast room or patio. You may want to paint one wall a strong, dominant color and the surrounding walls lighter colors, such as beige or light yellow. With this method, you provide the room with color and still take advantage of the natural light.

Or perhaps, you are looking to paint a room that has limited light, such a bathroom or an office. Then, you may want to choose a paint color that is lighter and can therefore brighten the room. When deciding colors to paint a room, make sure to take note of the lighting in the room during the day and also at night.

Start with Your Furniture and Other Objects in the Room

If you want to keep certain pieces of furniture in a room, then you may want to choose colors and textures that can provide you with some inspiration. You may want to choose colors that augment a comforter, pillows, chairs or sofas. You can also change the texture of the walls to make it flow with your furniture and choose a paint color that can compliment drapes or window treatments.

Look at Magazines and Catalogues

If you need some inspiration, then magazines can really help you develop some ideas. In many interior design magazines, they can show you the many trends that people are currently trying out that can really transform your room. More and more people are using contrasting colors in certain rooms and different prints and textures on the walls. Although choosing a main color is important, deciding on a contrasting color to paint the floorboard or crown molding can be equally important. Aside from magazines and catalogues, many people are choosing to investigate online websites such as Pinterest or Instagram for inspiration.

Deciding Paint ColorTest Your Final Choices

If you have narrowed down your choices to a few options, then test them to see which ones you like better. Many people paint construction paper or poster board and hang them on the wall to see which colors augment the room best. Remember to always sample your paints and use color swatches before deciding on a final color.

The Aftercare Process

After painting any room in your house, you may want to take steps to take care of your walls. Sherman Williams suggests that you wait a few weeks before cleaning any portion of the walls.
To clean your newly painted walls, you may want to use some water with some gentle soap. If you notice any scratches or dings in the walls, then try using some water mixed with baking soda. Remember that if you find that your walls have any extensive damage and you are apprehensive about cleaning them, find a professional who can properly treat your walls. If you care for your walls appropriately and choose proper paint colors, you will transform your house into something magnificent.

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