staging your homeWhen it comes to selling your home looks are as important as the price for every potential home buyer. Ugly walls or siding can make or break the deal. It only takes a few minutes for a home buyer to decide if the house is right for them. Fresh paint can make all the difference to the buyer and knowing how to choose your paint color is key to a successful sale.

Don’t let ugly walls be the death of a sale. Here are a few rules on how to choose your paint colors that will bring your home alive and bring interest to a potential buyer.

Dark Colors

Dark colors are a no-no if you’re planning on selling your home. Purple or Hunter green might be your favorite color, but to a potential home buyer it draws a red flag. Dark walls scream “work” to buyer s as they understand that it will take several hours and several coats of paint to cover the dark walls with lighter paint. Home buyers want to move in and not have to worry about painting. Lighter colors such as white or beige will brighten the room while giving your home a fresh new look that draws attention to the buyer.


When deciding on a paint color it is essential to adhere to the natural light of the room. If the room is in a part of the home that receives very little sunlight you will want to brighten the room with a light color such as lavender or pale yellow.

The same holds true for rooms that receive a lot of sunlight. In this instance you will want to go with a soft, cool color such as gray or blue.

Room type

Often times people paint bedrooms based on a favorite color of the person who resides in the room. Pink walls for your daughter or navy blue for your son may have pleased your children but they will not please a potential home buyer. Neutral colors are a must on all interior walls when staging your home for a sale. You will want potential buyers to notice all the wonderful assets your home has to offer, not the ugly colored walls.

The same is true for the main rooms of the house such as the kitchen or living room. Decide which colors work best with the fixtures in the room and that will give the room a fresh, bright, clean look.

Knowing how to stage your home using paint is the key to a quick sale. Knowing how to choose your paint color will save time and money in the long run. If you choose the wrong paint color now ,only to learn six months later that the the home isn’t selling because of the colors, you will need to start over. Learning how to choose your paint color now will save you the hassle of re-painting and could get your home sold much quicker.

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