Exterior painting is a task that’s a lot harder than it may initially seem. That’s why so many people often leave it to experienced professionals. It can be difficult to paint the exterior of a home in a beautiful, neat and even manner. If you want to feel good about your exterior painting work, it can help significantly to be aware of these common pitfalls. Remember, exterior painting mistakes can waste substantial amounts of energy and time. They can also be extremely costly!

Lack of Planning and Preparation

Exterior PaintingInsufficient surface preparation can be catastrophic for people who are looking for exterior painting success. If you don’t take the time to get your surface ready the right way, that could lead to a painting outcome that’s less than desirable, to say the least. It’s important to do away with wood siding surplus that has a powdery texture. It’s also critical to do away with any older paint that may be loose. It’s even critical to get rid of sections that have small bubbles.

Faulty Masking

Faulty masking is another common and frustrating exterior painting mistake. Masking, in short, entails concealing areas that simply don’t call for any painting work. If you don’t make a point to mask your exterior correctly, you could end up with paint on visible parts of the foundation, downspouts and windows.

Purchasing Paint That’s Not Up to Par

If you want your exterior painting effort to go smoothly, then you need to invest in high-quality paint, no exceptions. Don’t make the mistake of purchasing paint that just isn’t up to par. Relying on paint that isn’t good enough can lead to all types of headaches. Bad paint generally doesn’t defend structures as well as stronger options do. It also often leads to the need for seemingly nonstop touchup work. That can be a major hassle for people who simply don’t have the time necessary to take on regular exterior painting responsibilities. Top-tier paint is advantageous in so many ways. It doesn’t usually fade. It tends to stay intact for many years on end. Great paint generally is much more resilient and reliable. It’s usually a lot easier to put on, too. If you want to steer clear of a particularly time-consuming and stressful painting project, blue-chip paint is the way to go. Inexpensive paint just isn’t worth the trouble it can cause.

Using the Wrong Kind of Ladders

Dependable and strong ladders are 100 percent vital for people who plan on taking on exterior painting projects. It’s crucial to invest in a ladder that won’t apply pressure onto damp areas. It’s just as crucial to get a ladder that can easily and swiftly access all different sections of your structure. If you make a point to buy a good ladder, you can save yourself from all sorts of irritating inconveniences.

Painting in Times of Questionable Weather Conditions

People who want their exterior painting projects to go smoothly should always wait for good opportunities. Don’t be impatient about beginning or ending your exterior painting project. If you paint in times of questionable weather, it can make your job considerably tougher and more stressful. Modern paint tends to respond well to cold temperatures. It doesn’t, however, usually respond well to higher temperatures. Modern paint doesn’t typically go well with excessive moisture levels, either. If you want your exterior painting project to go off without a hitch, you should refrain from working on it on wet days. You should refrain from doing any exterior painting on scorching hot days as well. Painting in times of wet or overly hot weather can lead to paint film that’s overly delicate and fragile. Patience is always vital. Exterior painting tasks are in no way, shape or form races or competitions. If you want to be proud of your paintwork, you need to be diligent, detail-oriented and cautious.
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