When you say, “in-home murals,” it’s not unusual for images of painted countrysides, city scenes, and barns in the snow to come to mind. While these are all worthy mural subjects, it’s okay to experiment a bit when it comes to the stencils you choose for your home murals.

If you have a room that needs a lift, stenciling can give it life. Stenciling is inexpensive compared to some other kinds of wall treatments. It’s also simple to apply in many cases. And it offers you the additional advantage of being able to choose the specific colors you want, something that you can’t get from a pre-printed mural.

If you’re shopping around for mural ideas, the following three should give you a head start. While many go well in the living room or den, don’t forget that places like the kitchen or bathroom can get new life from a mural as well.

1. The Family Tree

Stencil Family TreeMany families decorate a wall or two with a gallery of family photos. The sight is so common, it’s almost passe. However, stencils can brighten this would-be mural area, making a ho-hum picture wall into a dramatic work of art.

To do this, you want to create an accent wall. Choose one wall in your home for this purpose. Select a paint color that will complement your photos or the mural itself such as forest green, autumn orange, or burgundy. Paint the accent wall this color, leaving the other walls around it white or off-white.

Once the paint dries, get out your tree stencils. Look for stencils that replicate the branches of a tree. You want to have stencils that stretch out a bit. Paint the branches and the tree in dark brown or black. Allow this to dry.

Now, hang the framed photographs on the branches of the tree. To make these in-home murals really dramatic hang only black and white photos of your family.

2. Mandala Magic

Nowadays, the mandala can be seen everywhere. This circular bit of beauty adds a spiritual element to your stenciling efforts and is a near perfect object to paint when you’re trying to create a memorable in-home mural. Round mandala patterns work well in places like the bedroom or the yoga room.

According to the Ancient History Encyclopedia, the mandala represents the universe, both internally and externally. It plays a prominent role in religious traditions like Buddhism and Hinduism.

To really embrace the spiritual aspect of this object include stenciled quotes of wise sayings, proverbs, and other bits of wisdom from great thinkers. Paint these inside the core of the mandalas and on small, hard-to-reach spaces like above the door.

3. Ceiling and Trim Decorating Ideas

Some decorating styles like French Provencal or Rococo feature intricate patterns around the molding of a room as well as on the ceiling. If you’re decorating in this style look for stencils that feature patterns like the fleur di lis, silhouettes of roosters (in the kitchen), and wine grapes.

You can add colors like red, blues, mustard yellows, and burnt orange, but also keep in mind that there is meant to be a decorative, ornate element to some design styles, including Rococo. That being the case, leave room to experiment a bit with gold leaf and textured paints when you’re painting your home mural.

Final Thoughts on Stenciling a Home Mural

Home murals don’t have to be just of the countryside. You can use stencils to create a spiritual vibe, to bring in a bit of the Rococo, or to enhance your family photos.

When you’re shopping for the paint keep your color scheme in mind as well as the vibe you want in the room. Knowing how you want to use the room will help you make further decisions about the types of stenciling materials you buy for this important decorative task.

Finally, it’s desirable to draw out your mural ideas on paper before you ever put them on the wall. This allows you to work out the kinks and choose the right colors long before your brush ever touches the wall.

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