Are you looking to paint your house’s exterior but don’t know when the best time to do it is? If any of these 5 signs are showing on the exterior paint of your house, there is no better time than now. Addressing your paint problems now could save you tons of time and money later on.

1. Split Caulking

Painting TipsOften when the paint is going bad on the outside of your house, so will the caulking. The caulk will usually be easy to break off or become brittle. Putting fresh caulk on the outside seals while you are painting your exterior will protect your house or building from a variety of issues including flooding, heat retention, pest control, and energy efficiency.

2. Fading

Whether or not paint is of high quality, eventually outside exposure will get the best of it, dulling the color and density of the paint to a thin layer. Not only does fading color look bad on the exterior, but also spells trouble of the paint becoming cracked or peeled. When you notice your paint becoming faded, you know it’s time for exterior painting to be done.

3. Spider Cracks

Before paint starts breaking down, more often than not you will notice fine cracks that spread out like a spider web, hence the name spider cracks. Heavy wind, moisture, and heat are often the culprit of paint breaking down and cracking. When the paint starts cracking bad, you will need to pay out more to have your exterior re-painted by a professional. That is costing you a lot more money and time to have it redone so it’s best to catch this warning sign early.

4. Chipping Paint

Once your paint has started to peel and chip, then you know you have waited too long to paint your exterior. You simply can’t paint the exterior if your brushes have old paint clinging to them which leaves chunks in the new paint. At this point, you will need to spend a ton of time scraping the paint off in addition to repainting your exterior.

5. Bare Wood

The final and most obvious sign of it being time for exterior painting is completely bare wood. When the wood isn’t protected it will often be subject to rotting, breaking and simply falling right off the side of your house. Think of it like the skin on your body, if it isn’t there then your insides will start taking the brunt of elemental exposure. At this stage, you will probably need to replace all of the wood on the outside of your house and repaint the sides which can become very expensive and time-consuming.


Don’t let your exterior paint project to be put off for too long or else you’re just setting yourself up for a host of problems. Hopefully, this article has encouraged you to get your exterior paint and caulk jobs done before it’s too late. Let us know in the comments if you enjoyed this article and share your thoughts.

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