Planning an exterior paint job this summer? If so, you’re probably scouring the stores, Pinterest or even design magazines looking for the perfect colors to choose for your house. We get it – it’s a big decision! Nobody wants to hate their paint job and have to spend the time and money to do it again later or worse – be stuck with an eyesore that alienates your neighbors.

That’s why we want to share with you the top house paint color trends that are hot right now. Whether you’re freshening up a dated exterior or starting out fresh, you’re sure to find something you love here.

How to Choose Your Paint Color

exterior paint colorTake a good long look at your house. Actually, take several. And then have your friends, neighbors and families weigh in. Look around the neighborhood and see if there are any color combinations that stand out to you. You don’t necessarily want your house to blend into the background of the neighborhood, but you probably don’t want it to stand out like a disco dancer at a square dance either. It’s important to find balance while maintaining the character of the neighborhood.

You need to also decide whether you like warm, cool or neutral tones. This will play a big part in the house paint scheme you choose. Take into consideration the color of your roof and any other additions like fences or arbors. These will all need to play a part in choosing your exterior house paint to make a statement on your property.

Another factor to consider are building and city codes, particularly if you’re part of a homeowner’s association. They usually have very specific aesthetic guidelines you have to follow even when choosing paint colors.

Once you’ve narrowed your decisions down a bit, it’s time to look through some paint samples and decide how much contrast you want between your trim and your main color. Following are some of the top trending color combinations:


Coastal colors are huge right now. Think aqua, white, coral and beachy neutrals. An example would be a white house with pale aqua shutters and perhaps a coral or red door to accent the look. This color scheme works great for houses with siding and wooden accents.

New England

New England colors are almost always in style and work well with almost any structure. The colors would include smoky grays and blues with red and/or bright white accents. Consider a gray exterior house paint with white trim and a red front door. The look is very stately and very chic.


This color scheme can be a happy combination of yellows and whites with black accents. If you like these colors, you might paint your exterior a pale yellow and accent it with white trim and black shutters. These colors are bright, clean and cheerful and despite the name we gave it, look great all year round.


The classic color scheme of a white house with black trim is always on trend. It’s simple and clean and must be done perfectly to make its statement. This works well on simple structures with minimal trim. Keep in mind that you don’t want the black to overpower the look.

Mother Earth

If your home has more of a ranch or earthy appeal with lots of exposed wood or rustic accents, earthy tones of olive greens and rustic reds are a perfect combination to consider. These colors look best in muted shades and look best with oak doors and white trim.

Call a Pro

There are of course many other colors and combinations to choose from and if you’re still having trouble deciding, consult a local paint professional. Someone who has been in the business for a while has painted many houses and probably has some good suggestions for you. They might also even keep an album of finished projects for you to look over.
Consider hiring a professional to complete your paint job for you. It’s always a much bigger job than people anticipate and professionals have the tools and training to give your home a polished and pristine look. But whether you need a full paint job or just a professional opinion on how to choose your paint color, contact us today. We can help!

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