Painting a home is one of the most popular and simplest ways to change the look of your rooms and bring them up to style. The first step is always to decide on the colors and create a coordinated palette for your walls, then you can move onto getting the actual work done. When you plan on repainting your entire home interior, you will want to prioritize painting rooms one by one to avoid headache and frustration if the project goes longer than you expect.

Prioritize painting your roomsWith a little preparation and a smart plan you can have a beautiful home with few worries and in less time than you might think. Xpert Custom Painting has some advice for how to prioritize your painting projects to get the most important rooms done first and gradually move throughout the house.

The first rooms you want to finish are the bathroom and the bedrooms. Bathrooms tend to be smaller and trickier, with several walls, accessories, and obstacles scattered around the room so getting it out of the way means the worst will be over faster.

The bedrooms are probably one of the most important rooms in the home during a major home improvement project. Each night you will be tired and wanting a good night’s sleep, so it is important to prioritize painting rooms where you plan to sleep so each night you get enough rest. You may want to stagger them if you have guest bedrooms so there will always be a clear, non-odorous room in which to spend the night. Later, they can be shut off from the paint smells in hallways and adjourning rooms. Once the bedrooms are done, the home will already feel much different, because psychologically, the bedroom is more private and ‘yours’ than anywhere else.

Along with the bathrooms and the bedrooms, another important room will be the kitchen. Usually it will be next on the project list because while it is being painted other activities like food prep and cooking become much harder. If you wait too long to finish painting the kitchen and lose access long enough, then foods such as fruit and produce might spoil as you eat out every night. Again, have a good idea of the colors you want before starting the project, and keep at it consistently until the kitchen is finished so there is a day or less of downtime. Then go ahead and treat yourself to a delicious dinner in your beautiful newly painted kitchen space.

After the work and sleep spaces are finished, it’s time to move into the living room. This typically is one of the largest spaces in the home, and should follow behind the kitchen especially if your home is designed along an open concept. Move all the furniture to the center of the space for a day or two, have fun painting the walls, and use a painter’s tape and a drop cloth to protect windows and the floor from splattered paints. After it’s done, you will have a colorful, beautiful living space once more.

When you are prioritizing painting rooms, the laundry and mud rooms should be last on your list. Do them too soon, and your clothes will smell like pain. You will want to take a day to get all your laundry done before you paint the laundry, then don’t wash again until the paint has dried on the walls.

If you or your family members are sensitive to paint odors, you can purchase a low or no VOC paint which will reduce or eliminate the smells associated with fresh paint. After painting can open the windows for fresh air, which will also help the paint dry faster.

By following this guide, you can make your entire home look bright and colorful with exactly your style. There is no need to make painting a major headache, and by taking things one room at a time, you will be finished before you know it. Then the only thing left to do is sit back and enjoy the benefits of a job well done.

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