23Oct 2012

Glidden Paint has a website with tools to help you choose the best colors for your home. The first one is for inspiration: Looking for ideas to kick-start your room redo? Upload a picture of something you like and think would work for your space—whether it’s a piece of art, furniture, fabric—anything really. You’ll get a […]

14Oct 2012

Paint Color & Moods Paint colors are an important part of designing your home, and in many cases, may even determine the type of décor you choose for your room. However, what many people don’t realize is that paint colors affect our mood and overall feeling a room has on anyone that spends time in […]

13Oct 2012

Summer has come to a close, meaning that it is time to revitalize the home for the fall and holiday seasons. Giving your home new life to wrap up the year is best done by considering the paint colors that have gained popularity throughout the changing seasons. Choosing the right paint color to perfectly compliment […]

18Sep 2012

Here are the last three painting techniques you may want to consider it you are looking for a new look. Combing Combing scratches a nice lined texture to a painted surface that almost resembles wallpaper. This is achieved with a base coat of paint and a different colored glaze. Paint combs are available at most stores that sell paint […]

11Sep 2012

Have you ever seen a paint finish and wondered how did they do that? Our walls are the backdrop for every room in our home and they can tell a story all by themselves. Let’s look at some of the painting techniques you may want to consider. Color Washing Color washing produces a soft, muted blend […]

01Sep 2012

Have you every looked around your home and wished you could redo the whole thing? New couches, chairs and pictures could give the room a new look. One thing can lead to another and before you know it, the bill is way over the top. Most people can’t afford that luxury, so they find other […]