13Apr 2017
Paint new home

Moving into a new home can be both stressful and exciting.  You can’t wait to get into your new home and settle in, but there is a lot of stress that comes with along with moving in.  Often times, a new homeowner may not like the colors or preferences of the previous homeowner.  Maybe the […]

31Mar 2017

There are few things that can dress up the look of a home more easily than a fresh coat of paint, and you may be eager to transform the look of your home with the completion of a painting project soon. Paint may be found on your interior walls and trim pieces as well on […]

08Mar 2017
Stencil Family Tree

When you say, “in-home murals,” it’s not unusual for images of painted countrysides, city scenes, and barns in the snow to come to mind. While these are all worthy mural subjects, it’s okay to experiment a bit when it comes to the stencils you choose for your home murals. If you have a room that […]

23Feb 2017
Latex Based Paint

One decision that homeowner needs to make before they paint their house is whether to use oil-based or latex paint. Is there a real difference between them? Can one be used where the other can’t? Here is some information on both types of paint. Latex Paint Latex paint is water-based. It is good for a […]

09Feb 2017

Wallpaper is an excellent way to upgrade a room with minimal cost, but it can also be a challenge to remove if you don’t like the look anymore, or have moved into a home with someone else’s idea of style. You can, in some cases, put new wallpaper over old wallpaper, but be careful, if […]

10Jan 2017
Color of the year

Adding Pantone’s Unusual Color of the Year 2017 to Your Home This Winter Pantone spends approximately 9 months researching trends in color throughout various spaces from fashion to the car industry. When they notice new color hues shining above the others, they’ll narrow down the choices and pick one for the year. They admit it’s […]

26Dec 2016
staging your home

When it comes to selling your home looks are as important as the price for every potential home buyer. Ugly walls or siding can make or break the deal. It only takes a few minutes for a home buyer to decide if the house is right for them. Fresh paint can make all the difference […]

10Dec 2016
Simple Tips for Choosing Exterior Paint Colors

It is said that the house façade is the business card of your house, the most important detail that shapes its personality. The façade of the house is that which can significantly increase or decrease the value of the house, is the one that talks about those who live in the house and is the […]

14Nov 2016
Rose Quartz and Serenity

What is the color of the year? Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams selected the color of the year which is a softer color shade that is perfect for any home. This is because softness is a desired characteristic in any color shade due to the pressures of modern living.There is a blending shade of Rose […]