11Sep 2012

Have you ever seen a paint finish and wondered how did they do that? Our walls are the backdrop for every room in our home and they can tell a story all by themselves. Let’s look at some of the painting techniques you may want to consider. Color Washing Color washing produces a soft, muted blend […]

01Sep 2012

Have you every looked around your home and wished you could redo the whole thing? New couches, chairs and pictures could give the room a new look. One thing can lead to another and before you know it, the bill is way over the top. Most people can’t afford that luxury, so they find other […]

14Aug 2012

Ever wish you could try on a color before doing the painting?  Well Sherwin Williams has a cool tool The Color Visualizer. Picture it before you paint it. Use the online Color Visualizer to Upload an image and virtually paint your own interior or exterior. Or choose from one of their sample scenes. Once you […]

14Jul 2012

Many people choose to decorate their homes in different colors and design schemes. These elements are chosen by the homeowner to match the personality of the individuals living in the home. The living room is the one room in the house that is used the most and it should be designed with great care. Paint […]

15Jun 2012

The surface of a house must always be prepared prior to exterior house painting; otherwise, the final paint job will look very unattractive. Paint that has been improperly applied can have four effects— it can blister if an oil- based paint is applied to a moist surface; peel if the surface is too dirty, moist, […]